Xiaomi to unveil 108 MegaPixel camera phones soon

108 MegaPixel camera on a smartphone! Xiaomi is planning to unveil 4 new smartphones sporting this camera module. When Sony launched 48MP sensors for smartphones, we felt it be more of a gimmick. But, with the sensor being widely accepted a range of Samsung sensor hit the market with similar numbers. Although these sensors have brought new dimensions to smartphone photography, still a 108 MegaPixel camera seems farfetched.

108 MegaPixel

Oppo’s sub-brand realme recently revealed the first smartphone to sport a sensor bigger than the 48 Megapixel. Realme XT sports a Samsung GW1 sensor, Samsung might also introduce Samsung Galaxy A series smartphone with this camera unit.

The 108 MegaPixel sensor

The new Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor is 1/1.33-inch in size, allowing it to absorb light better with the large surface area. The sensor will use the company’s Smart-ISO mechanism that helps create more vivid pictures by adjusting the level of amplifier gains based on the ambient light. The ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor can capture videos at resolutions up to 6K (6016×3384 pixels) at 30fps.

Xiaomi’s take

The new Samsung 108-megapixel ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor was launched last month, in collaboration with Xiaomi. The two companies worked closely with each other to launch the new sensor, and Xiaomi will be the first company to use this new sensor. It uses a Quad Bayer filter to serve 27-megapixel photos with pixel binning technology.

As per the reports, Xiaomi may be working on 4 devices codenamed ‘tucana’, ‘draco’, ‘umi’, and ‘cmi’. We expect the first phone with this sensor shall be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, Even firm said it to have a new and better camera.

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