Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Matte black edition of the brand new Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi ruled the budget smartphone space in the country which is also the highest selling device in India, the Redmi Note 3. But technology is fast changing and it has changed for better. As on January 19th,2017 there is a new successor in town as Xiaomi has launched The new note, Redmi Note 4.


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is an all – rounder offering for everyone, improving in every way. But that also means it is not reforming the spectrum. Xiaomi has got the pricing right again.
If a camera is what you look for on your device, shell out a bit more cash and go for the Coolpad Cool 1.
Vibrant Display
Long Battery Life
2.5 D Glass
New colour offering (Matte Black)CONS

Camera quality isn’t par to competition
Design is very similar to past design
Single speaker configuration lacks in sound

Detailed Review:
Redmi Note 4 with snapdragon 625
Last Redmi Note was such a hit that the company announced that they have earned $3Billion from India. So the new device had to fill quite gigantic shoes, but they simply could strike another home run like the Redmi Note 3.
Xiaomi is still it’s own worst nightmare, You can launch a phone every six months, but how do you truly “upgrade” your older models. You’re not just competing against your competitors, but also yourself. Yet, not taking anything away the Note 4 is a very solid device.
Build and Design:
Redmi Note 4 check detailed review on Revtechno.com
There is not a significant amount of change when we look at the design space. The blueprint is mainly the same to that of the Note 3 but the Note 4 has slight curves on the back, similar to Mi5. These curves help the Note 4 to give its own look and feel as well. The Note 4 is slightly taller and wider than Note 3.
The metal is much sturdier than before and feel better in hand and makes the feel of the device more premium, and the front, of course, has a 2.5D Glass making the display look just a tad bit better than the predecessor.
Overall Xiaomi hasn’t put much into the Design part of the device but you will be able to tell apart two devices if kept together.
The Note 4 inherits the excellent FDH display panel from the Note 3. Colours are striking and vivid but like the Note 3, the display is dim and the Auto – brightness gets very easily confused with the surroundings. Sunlight visibility is substandard, the phone often misconstrues ambient light, being too bright, when in dark or too dim, when outside.
All in all, you are better off handling it manually.
Overall, we get a vibrant display with more warmer feel, reasonably wide colour gamut and a display with great touch which feels quite prime.
This is where most change has arrived for the Note 4, Xiaomi shifted from a powerful Snapdragon 650 processor to the brand new more efficient Snapdragon 625 processor, which is the first processor with the 14nm LPP FinFET technology, which is 20% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 650. The company did the same to increase the battery life of the Note 4, but that is where the issue exists, the battery of the Note 3 was already excellent and only a 20% increase in battery with the sacrifice of raw power from the Snapdragon 650 seems unnecessary.
Note 4 comes in 3 variants
But on its own, the Redmi Note 4 is decently fast and snappy there was very little stutter when heavy gaming, which isn’t particularly detrimental to gameplay, but it is not ideal either.We won’t be complaining about it this much if Xiaomi wouldn’t have set such high target for their successor to achieve.
The one department where Redmi Note 3 failed to impress and was highly criticized was its camera department, this year the company has mainly focused on the camera for the Note 4, which is sure an improvement on the redmi Note 3 but it yet lags against other products namely the Honor 6X or the Coolpad Cool 1 both of which have a dual – camera setup on the back of respective devices. Better yet the Redmi Note 4 does more than a decent job in well-lit situations but lacks in low light conditions and struggles to focus on close by objects because of lack of laser autofocus.
Photo samples for the redmi note 4


Redmi Note 4 comes equipped with a 13MP camera on the back, with f/2.0 aperture and 4mm focal length. The colours are warmer, even sharper and have more detail than before.
Note 4 has a slightly bigger 4100 mAh lithium – ion polymer battery than the Note 3’s 4050 mAh battery, and also the Snapdragon 625 processor helps to increase the battery backup by 20-25%.
The battery on the device can easily last a full day without breaking a sweat. You get around 5 hours longer battery life than the Redmi Note 3.
The phone does indeed support fast charging which is great but does not have a Type – C charging port.
The Redmi Note 4 has a snappy processor, lots of RAM, improved camera and a beautiful display and does the work for every kind of user in the market. However, it does not set the market on fire or set new standards for other companies in under 15k price smartphone market. But the device does not disappoint in any way, and the new Matte Black colour looks absolutely dream to look at.
Buy Redmi Note 4 from here.(Edited By: Harshita Punyamurthula)


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