X-box One X unveiled at E3

Microsoft launches its newest gaming console, The X-box one X which claimed to be the most powerful console of the world by Microsoft.
We got it’s first look at E3 2017.

xbox one

Key features

  • The 4k experience of gaming.
  • Scorpio Engine.
  • Extraordinary cooling With minimal noise.


1. Memory

– It has got 12GB DDR5 graphics memory giving
power to its graphic core.

-Powered by 8GB of Flash memory.

2. Storage

-Got 1 TB HDD Internal storage.

3. Video

Xbox video

-4K UHD Blu-ray optical disc drive.
-HDMI 2.0b which gives an output of
2160p@60Hz with AMD FreeSync.
-Also, supports HDR10(input) technology.

4. Audio

-It outputs DTS 5.1
-It is in addition with DOLBY Digital 5.1 TrueHD

5.Connections and Connectivity

-Contains a power port for power input.
-2 HDMI’s (one for input of HDMI 1.4b and
another for HDMI 2.0b output)
-3 USB 3.0 ports.
-one IR Out.
-One S/PDIF.
– One Ethernet Port.


-Dual band wireless with WiFi Direct.
-InfraRed Blaster for sending and receiving

What’s different from the older Xbox One

  • From the previous Edition of X-BOX one, The X-box One has a 4GB of graphic memory more
  • The previous Edition got 1.7 GHz the of the clock speed of AMD CPU, whereas the latest X-box one X has got 2.3GHz of Clock Speed which makes it much more powerful than the previous Edition.
  • The working Bandwidth the of the previous Edition is only 204GB/ s, here in X-box one X got 326GB/s Bandwidth.
  • The X-box one X has got 6Teraflop GPU which enables more mobile and fluidic 4K environment and characters then the Previous Edition of X-box.

X-box has been My personal favorite console and I expect a lot from Microsoft as they always Bring some exceptional level to this console field.


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