World’s first laser Headphones

An Idea which took flight when bunch of people called
themselves “Glow” and came up with the idea of making premium quality
headphones with laser light in it. They’re making earbuds with
cords that light up with laser light, an idea that’s proven popular enough to
get them well past their original Kickstarter goal of $100,000.
The headphones are very well designed and looks like
something directly out of the Tron, but for a connection to the real world they
plug right into the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Lasers come in 3 colours Blue,
Red and Green. You can alter the laser the way it is glowing with the dedicated
Glow App,
Laser glows according to the music
You can make it glow it at all times
You can make it glow as a pulse
or You can shut it off
not make Bluetooth headphones?
That’s because if the battery ever goes out, you can
still use the headphones as just regular headphones. “If the battery goes
out on a 15-hour flight, you can still listen to music,” says Wang. If it
was wireless, you’d be out of luck. Still, Wang says Glow will offer eight
hours of continuous use and the team is currently developing an attachment to
extend the battery life if necessary.
Glow is the first headphone that is illuminated by
Fibrance, light diffusing fiber designed by Corning to conduct pure, radiant
laser light that pulses to your music.
is Fibrance?
It’s a thin copper wire surrounded by phosphor which
glows when a current is applied, with the color effects usually coming from an
outer layer of PVC.
Audio Drivers
Glow uses premium audio drivers specially tuned so you’ll
hear all the highs and lows of your music. Headphones give great sound and bass
for you to feel premium at all times. Glow also touts a superior
audio performance. It boasts dual balanced armature for great harmonic response
and true sound reproduction.
5 –
Way Controller
Yeah, you get a 5 way controller with the headphones. You
can up the volume, lower the volume, change to the next song and the previous
one and you get voice assist. The intuitive touch button design lets
you respond to texts, snap pictures too, to stay connected like no other
The company gives carrying case with the earphones and a
variety of earplugs so that you can get the best possible fit and an absolute
brilliant sounding experience.
These look absolutely brilliant, feel brilliant and sound
brilliant and with lasers, what more can you ask from your Headphones.
Get in line because they are already loading up with Pre –
orders, but remain cautious because being a startup, they do not offer money –
back guarantees but they sure replace your faulty devices in accordance to
their Terms and conditions.  

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