World’s first clear LG G6?

Zack Nelson from Youtube Channel JerryRigEverything recently created world’s first clear backed Samsung Galaxy S8. Which to be honest looked pretty good. Getting a really good response form the media everywhere, One of his followers on twitter requested to see a clear backed LG G6.

The process is much similar as with the Samsung Galaxy S8, just apply a heat to the back to soften the glue and carefully pop the Gorilla Glass 5 back glass panel off. Only difference is the Samsung Galaxy S8 required a solvent to remove the paint coating, on the G6 it peels off by hand.


Also like the clear Galaxy S8 project there are few things to take note of. You will void your warranty and will lose your water resistance due to opening up of your device. You can also choose to keep the wireless charging working by keeping the  wireless pad but that’s totally optional. Although we would recommend keeping it just for having the option to wireless charge your device.

Zack is taking requests for the next phone to receive the same clear backed treatment, so hit the comments on his video to see your next phone with a clear back panel. Probably its gonna be iPhone 7 or the HTC U Ultra. Lookout for more here.

What do you think about the clear backed LG G6? Also have you ever tried or thought of doing so? Let us know in the comments down below!

Lalit Wadhwa

Tech Geek, BlackBerry Lover and a Engineer

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3 Responses

  1. Andrew Silvestri says:

    Imagine clear body Nokia 1100!
    Dope as hell!

  1. 30th May 2017

    […] this year, LG revealed their latest flagship LG G6 with the snapdragon 821 while Samsung signing an exclusive deal to bring snapdragon 835 to their […]

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