WhatsApp to discontinue services in these smartphone on 31st December

WhatsApp, Instant-messaging application with the highest number of users. Has brought many families together with its group feature. But, to deliver the best and similar performance to all the users. WhatsApp will be discontinuing its services from many Out-dated smartphones on 31st December 2017.


While the services were to suspend from July this year. The company gave them last ‘Time to Switch’.

Smartphones affected

This time there is a bit-long list of smartphones affected by this decision. The list consists of iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Nokia.


The services will be discontinued for IOS 6.0 or below devices:-

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4 (if not updated)


WhatsApp earlier discontinued the services for BB 7.0 and proceedings. Now, they are shutting down services for BB 10 also which means no more Android for BB OS. Devices affected are:

  • Blackberry Z10
  • Blackberry Z30
  • Blackberry Z5
  • Blackberry Q5/Q10
  • Blackberry Passport


Now the Whatsapp will not be available to the devices running Windows 8.0 OS or lower. Which might have a large number of Devices under. But, support for Windows 10 will continue for time being. It includes:

  • Lumia 1520
  • Lumia 1030
  • And many others


With the last shutdown, WhatsApp was not available in the devices which still run Android 2.2(Froyo) and below. But the new shutdown which will take place in the year 2020. Which means these people can rejoice for 2 years more. But mobile which will get affected will be:

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Htc desire(old versions)
  • Sony Xperia(old versions)
  • and Many LG and Huawei’s as well


Support for S60 versions was dropped in June this year only. But, the support for the S40, version currently being sold out with the Candybar phones will also get dropped on 31st next year. Devices affected will be:

  • Nokia Asha series
  • Nokia 6300
  • Nokia 5130 and others

Support for the newer versions of their candy bar devices may remain intact for the time being.

WhatsApp Solution


For the people looking for help with WhatsApp in iPhone might look towards Cydia and Jailbreak. People using BB 10 devices might get benefited from its support for Android apps. While no help for the Windows users at present.

Note:- Sad for you people #regards

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