Whatsapp begins rolling out Snapchat like “Photo and Video Status”

Whatsapp will be celebrating its 8th anniversary on February 24th. It started as a simple application to let your friends and family know what are you upto, answer to the popular question “whats up?”. As a result it was called “Whastapp”.

It evolved from there to add messaging feature. Due to huge messaging cost charged by the carriers and cheap 2G and 3G costs, Whatsapp became insanely popular. Whatsapp basic status functionality remain almost unchanged over the time while constantly adding new features for its users. Whatsappp announced that on their 8th anniversary they will be bringing the “Status” feature. This will be available for its 1 Billion+ users(as of February 2016).

whatsapp new status funtionality demo

This feature will enable them to post photos and videos as status to share with their friends and contacts much like the snapchat. They also stated that these “status” will be “end-to-end encrypted” and expire in 24 hours after posting.

Whatsapp new feature is a tribute to the status feature. It also Facebook’s influence over Whatsapp and also the need for time limited temporary social updates. Facebook’s owned Instagram introduced its own version similar to this named as “Instagram Stories”. Facebook is also testing their “Facebook Stories” on their mobile app. With Whatsapp rolling out their new status feature, the influence bought by snapchat with their whole idea revolving around time-limited social updates.

Its is uncertain how Facebook will work on its privacy settings. While a photo and video status sharing with all your contacts is not all would love but blocking them out at the same time would also not be viable. We are sure Facebook will implement some privacy features for users in mind.

What are your thoughts on the new Whatsapp update? Have you received the new feature? How does it compare to time limited social updates functionality in other apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source-Whatsapp Blog

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