Virgin to bring Hyperloop One in India: Mumbai to Pune in just 25 minutes

Back in 2012, Elon Musk the creator of Paypal and SpaceX creator the unveiled the future of transport System. The Hyperloop, which would be ‘immune to weather, have lower power consumption and deliver twice the speed of a plane.’

hyperloop one

Now in 2018, Virgin group founder and Hyperloop Chairman Richard Branson announced the framework agreement is signed with the state government of Maharashtra to develop a Hyperloop route between central Pune, Navi Mumbai International Airport, and Mumbai.

Investments in the Segment

Virgin hyperloop One and Maharashtra government have come to an agreement to form the high-speed corridor between Mumbai and Pune.

The Pune-Mumbai route is expected to pull $55 billion (Rs 3.5 lakh crore) in socio-economic benefits (time savings, emissions cuts, accident reduction, operational cost saving etc.) over 30 years of operation, as per an initial feasibility study made by Virgin Hyperloop One.

Hyperloop One

Details such as the project cost and a timeline are yet to be announced.The Hyperloop route will be a fully electric system and will have the capability travel up to 1,000 km per hour.

The proposed project will begin after a six-month in-depth feasibility study which will analyze and define the route alignment, including environmental impact, economic and commercial viability, the regulatory framework, and cost and funding model suggestions.

How will the Hyperloop work?

The proposed system is said to have pods that will travel at high speed through a tube that will be pumped into a ‘near vacuum.’ The pods are expected to float either using magnetic levitation technology or ‘air caster skis.’ With minimal friction, the pods are said to travel at over 700 mph.

Hyperloop One

Note:- Currently the same distance between Mumbai to Pune is been covered by AeroPlane in 55 minutes, Car in 2.5 Hours and Trains in More than 4 hours whereas with hyperloop the time is reduced to just 25 minutes. Also as per the claims of being More efficient than other Means of transport, It might become the New Big revolution in Indian transport.

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