Unlocked Sony Xperia XZs already recieved a price cut?

Sony Xperia XZs

It wasn’t even a month ago when Sony introduced it’s latest and greatest, the Sony Xperia XZs. Amazon offered the XZs at a price of $699.99 at the time of the launch. Not even a month after, Amazon is selling the Xperia XZs, black variant at a price of $619.99. A big whooping $80 discount.

The $80 discount in their latest flagships black variant(Sony offers XZs in White and Silver also) does shed the light on the fact that Sony is having trubles selling smartphones in the US. Sony in the past has also admitted that their sales have been decling in the past year. While Sony did manage to earns profit on their mobile division, it is rather due to cost cutting and not sales.

While earlier this week Sony Xperia XA1 along with its bigger counterpart XA1 ultra went on sale in the US and some European markets. The company’s next flagship the Xperia XZ Premium is well anticipated. Expected to launch sometime later this spring. Hopefully that device will have the features, combined with a reasonable price, to attract a larger audience.

What do you think Sony needs to do to sell more Xperia phones? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below!

Buy the XZs here.

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  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Maybe enable fingerprint sensor in their power buttons rather than keeping it disabled like a showpiece 🙁

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