‘Ultra Pixel’ google’s rumored reply to iPhone X

It’s been a month, Rumours mills are circulating the reports of alleged Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl hitting the market. Meanwhile, there is a new device on the mills. Appears to be a bezel-less display put up against rival iPhone X named ‘Ultra Pixel’, may even have some feature like it’s Face Id.

Ultra Pixel

As per the leaks by various YouTubers, The phone will sport bezel-less display. Dual camera at the back, like the Note 8 and iPhone X. but may even opt out for android’s navigation button and move to fluid gestures. This fluid gestures may be an option as many Android phones have started featuring these gestures.

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October 4 Event

A day from now the Google event is scheduled. there are a good number of products launches confirmed. In the press event in San Francisco. The company seems to bring 2017 edition of its smartphone,  Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. It’s own laptop Pixelbook and also Google home mini.

The ‘Ultra Pixel’ is still all rumor. But there is a high chance that Google takes us as a surprise and launch its first bezel-less display phone. Without we getting any information prior to that.

What we know about Ultra Pixel

The smartphone will be the top-end from the company. will sport an 18:9 resolution 4k display. Expected to have snapdragon 836 under the hood with 6Gb or 8GB RAM. will sport a top profile Dual camera at the back. A new type of fingerprint scanner is being called out may be the one supporting gestures. Also possibilities of a feature close to Apple’s face id and Samsungs Iris Scanner.

The launch event is scheduled to take place in San Francisco. And other products, as well as Standard Pixel 2 and Pixel 2, is scheduled to launch at the event.

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