Twitter partners with Bloomberg for streaming TV News

Twitter has decided to partner with Bloomberg Media to stream television news. This partnership states that Twitter will be able to stream TV News on their social media platform round-the-clock. This news was reported on Sunday by the Wall Street Journal.


Twitter + Bloomberg = Social Media News Channel

The new channel under this partnership is yet to be named. And it would start streaming the TV news by Bloomberg by fall 2017. The Wall Street Journal also stated that this new partnership would be announced on 1st May, 2017.

Recently, Twitter has been having user growth for the past few months. And, this seems like a desperate effort by them to convince the advertisers that it will see user base increase in the near future. Along with this deal, Twitter also has been updating its product portfolio for their application and website. Also new features are constantly being added to attract new users.

Twitter has been making a push into news and sports from the last year. This might be to pique the interest various media agencies which could turn into future acquirers. Even, In a internal memo company CEO Jack Dorsey defined company’s mission as “People’s news network”.

This new bold move of partnering with Bloomberg shows that the company might be thinking of getting media partners than getting acquired by one.

What are your thoughts on this partnership? will you ever watch TV News on a social media platform. and do you think that maybe being acquired by a bigger social media platform like Facebook have been beneficial for Twitter.

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