TRAI stands with Net Neutrality

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI on Tuesday went on to strongly support Net Neutrality following a long consultation on the issue.

Net Neutrality

TRAI came out and said Internet services should be Open for all and must be non – discriminatory.

“The licensing term should be amplified to provide restrictions from any kind of discrimination in Internet acess based on content, the protocols being being used or user equipment,” TRAI said in the released recommendations.

Key takeaways from the recommendations released by TRAI

  1. Service providers will be prohibited for any arrangement that has the effect of discriminatory treatment of content over the Internet.
  2. TRAI will be looking out for any service providers trying to block some particular content, degrading, slowing or giving preferences to some sites/services over the others.
  3. Regulators also mentioned about, “Specialised services” which should be kept out of bounds of Net neutrality. Which means the special services that might require a special level of quality to run and are out of the scope of neutral.
  4.  They also added that any rule regarding specialised services should not restrict or regulate any development that improves the quality or the speed of the Internet.

In February of 2016, TRAI barred telecom providers from charging different rates for data services under Data Service Regulations. While telecom companies insisted that they should not be regulated by their charges and services.


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