Nokia making an attempt to claim the crown?

Nokia, the mobile phone
giant of early 2000’s could hit the road back with there new smartphones coming
in the market. Nokia went into a swirl by sticking to Windows which didn’t do much for the fallen King and eventually Nokia sold there windows division to Microsoft, but now the signs are looking up.Recently, we saw renders of what Nokia’s
Android device might look like. Now, latest reports confirm the company is
working on at least two Android devices, specifications of which were leaked on
Geekbench. The smartphones are called Nokia 5320 and Nokia RM-1490.
Renders of Nokia upcoming smartphones

The Nokia 5320 listed
beneath has a 2.27GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor, which may be the Snapdragon
821, as the Snapdragon 820 (which is the current standard flagship chip) tops
out at 2.2GHz.
That suggests this new
Nokia could be a seriously high-end phone, but oddly it’s only listed as having
2GB of RAM, which is a mid-range amount at most, and it’s running Android
4.4.4, which is a very old version of Android. That makes for a strange
combination, so these might not be the final launch specs.

The other Nokia phone to
be benchmarked is listed as the Nokia RM-1490 and sounds far lower-end, with a
500MHz AMD processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2.2.
The dated Android
versions suggest that these are both early prototypes, if they’re real at all,
so the specs may well change before launch. Earlier
rumours stated the devices will feature a 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch OLED displays with quad-HD resolution.We strongly believe that they are just prototypes and with time the specs will change. The rumors surrounding the devices make us believe that the devices with run on Z-Launcher like custom skin based on Android Nougat. 

Reasons why “Nokia” might still thrive:
  • The Nokia Brand Is Still Strong
    Researching online, reading comments on articles about Nokia’s return or even  reading old
    Lumia reviews we see Nokia’s brand appeal, despite
    a good few years in exile,
    is still very strong inside the hearts and minds of “a lot” of consumers.
  • Nokia Knows How To Design Their Products
    Nokia has produced
    hundreds of phones over the years, phones of all shapes and sizes. Nokia knows
    how to design handsets that stand out from the crowd. Even the phones during
    its Lumia campaign were notable for their robust, unique styling. Things only
    came apart on the software front as the windows phone OS wasn’t that popular. The Lumia
    1520 and Lumia 1020 immediately appealed to masses these handsets still are popular today despite of being launched so long ago. Nokia is one and only manufacturer which makes plastic backed phones look and feel premium.
  • Android Solves All Previous Issues
    Windows Phone as an
    ecosystem couldn’t keep up with Android and iOS. It lacked applications,
    content and services. This is one of the many reasons why Microsoft scrapped
    it. The platform itself was plenty powerful and well optimized, but the apps available on Google Play and Apple AppStore were way more than the one’s available on Windows Store and Microsoft after their intense efforts couldn’t cope up with this problem. With Android Nougat at
    the core of its phones, Nokia simply doesn’t need to worry about software. It
    can focus on what it does best the hardware.
  • Nokia Loves To Innovate
    Whether you’re talking
    about camera technology or the overall physical design of a phone, Nokia has
    excellent history in both. It was the first to popularize the camera
    phone technology and the its PureView camera technology launched at MWC 2012 shook the world. In
    between this Nokia consistently pushed the boundaries with the design, build
    materials and integral nature of its phones.


Our Views:

prototypes look amazing, I still remember getting excited by the
arrival of a new Nokia phone back in the day whether it was the N8 or N900 it really didn’t
matter as I always knew it’d be something different and special. Nokia phones felt special in the hand and Nobody else could bring that unique feeling to their smartphones. Its just a matter of time when Nokia will be back at the top.

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