Switching to ios from Android

Many people have started shifting from their traditional android devices to iPhones as the sales record by Apple shows off, so we are here to assess if it’s everybody’s cup of tea or just you stepping into Holy Grail of struggle!!!
Because of decline in prices of iPhone (Old Generations) and iPhones coming into the price bracket of “Affordable Smartphones”, more people of considering a switch from android or windows etc. to iPhones without realizing the pros and cons because after all we don’t buy phones so often that we can neglect pros and cons.
I feel, held back when switching from android to ios, because using Android for too many years we get great freedom to customise, change, and tamper but when you switch to ios the freedom is gone. Ios has way more restrictions than android, you can’t record a call, while an iOS home screen only contains rows of app icons, Android allows the use of widgets, and you have to sync your iPhone for everything you put in it (frustrating Af) etc. etc. These restrictions aren’t in favour for a switch.
Android have spoiled us with too much power in our hand, we never limit ourselves. We have made the image, that iPhones shows class, business people are the ones who have iPhones and android is for teenager it’s funky. But that’s old talk nowadays, Android are classy too and iPhones are funky!!
IOS has a higher crash rate than the Android in apps or the whole UI system. People upgrading from older versions of Apple’s smartphones may be at the greatest risk of a malfunction, according to reports. Many user also reported there iPhones crashing even when they were updating their software. People showed their furiousness on twitter like some person tweeted,
“So #iOS9 is causing iPhones to crash. Think I’ll wait a few months for iOS9s or iOS9c before updating!!”.

Screen department
Apple make amazing screens with its Retina display screens. +1
But quite a few Android phones now offer Amoled screens which are very much comparable to iPhones screen. +1
Ranges of screen choice are wide open for the Android market but the iPhone market is very rigid. (+1), (-1)

User Interface
At its best, can look vibrant and beautifully ordered, with the classic lines of the card-based interface adopted by Google.
At its worst, it comes across as cartoonish and basic with perhaps too much white space for its own good.iOS:
iOS can appear classy and streamlined one minute,rather old-fashioned and unnecessarily idiosyncratic the next.
It may seem ridiculous to choose a mobile OS because of the way it looks, but the contrasting visual approach is one of the few remaining differences between iOS and Android that you’re going to actually notice.
Perhaps all that pixel tweaking is more important than we realize.
In this segment Android is absolutely owned by the iOS. In Android, security is pretty poor compared to iOS because with so much freedom you got to give up something.
When it comes to iOS, Apple is increasingly highlighting it’s approach towards privacy. None of the information Siri stores about you goes back to Apple, and while that means some drawbacks in terms of customizing your experience across multiple platforms and devices, it does mean you can be more sure of where your data is going and how it’s being used.
Finger Print recognition is pretty much a common thing now across both iOS and Android platforms.
Unless you’re using a Nexus device, getting upgraded to the latest version of Android is still a frustrating process.
iOS updates are simpler, faster, and available on older devices.
So we asses that if you are not a heavy user, rule breaker, or have heavy battery need congratulations you can switch to iPhone.
But if your needs cross by some restrictions put up by apple or you are technologically, slow learner move forward cautiously!!

Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you’ve probably already made your choice about which you prefer. Do tell us your views!!

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