Was Steve Jobs wrong all along?

It was almost a decade ago that the first iPhone was launched. The phone had specifications like a 3.5 inch screen, 320×420 pixel resolution, 4 GB storage and running on iPhone OS(marketed as OS X). It sold almost 6 million units. However, a few editions after, iPhone 4 soon ran into trouble. The phone used to drop calls when the users held it the wrong way.

Steve Jobs was questioned in a conference about why he did not make the device a bit bigger to provide enough room for the antenna. He replied that he did not like the concept of having large phones. Although it was the trend followed by big companies like Samsung. He said that, “You can’t get your hand around it” and mentioned that “No one’s going to buy that”. Also, he described big phones as “Hummers.”

The first generation iPhone

Apple’s present

It has been 7 years since Steve Jobs said that, and this year Apple released iPhone X which boasts a screen of 6 inches. Let’s not forget the newly added Infinity display which has further enhanced the screen of the iPhone. iPhone 8 and 8 plus both have a display of 5.5 inch as well. From a person who believed that iPhone has the perfect format, Apple has come a long way.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8

Apple followed the trend of larger phones with iPhone 6 and 6 plus coming with 4.7 inch and 5.5inch screen respectively. And the phones were a huge commercial success. Even though some Apple fans had trouble adapting to the big screen but soon warmed up to it.

Why large screens?

The success of large screens lies in the fact that phones have become more than just a calling device. They are just like mini-computers that perform every task for us. A better screen allows us to view the content comfortably and work hassle free.

Was Steve Jobs wrong?

Yes, he was wrong in stating that a larger phone cannot be handled. But let’s not forget that when iPhone was launched it had the largest screen in the market. He was unable to anticipate the competition that would be cast by Samsung’s larger display phones. And that’s why Tim Cook who is an ardent follower of Steve Jobs had to disagree from his philosophy of smaller phones to launch iPhone with a larger screen.

No man is perfect including Steve Jobs. But Apple has come a long way from the ideologies of its founder. iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X have not just got stellar features but innovative tech as well.

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