Stellar Data Recovery: Getting into recovering data successfully

For all the instances we though our corrupted Hard drive or SD Card or even our corrupted smartphone was the end of the road for all of your precious data. Stellar Data recovery recently invited us to take a look at their facility.

We have all sadly in our life been the victim of losing precious data or even just something we would rather not lose. But suddenly the hard drive isn’t working anymore, or your phone isn’t reading your SD Card anymore.

Stellar is a data recovery company who recently asked some of us to visit their facility to give us a look at how they work and what technological sorcery goes into getting back your all but lost data back to you.

Stellar specializes in basically every kind of data recovery be it that from a windows, Mac or Linux system. They also offer their services for Android and iOS. Stellar are not just a software company, they also have a lab they call the O.T (Operation theater) where they cure hard drives that are damaged beyond repair.

What can make you lose your data forever?

  • Accidental deletion of data.
  • Physical damage to the drive ( SSD or HDD)
  • A system crash can cause you to lose data.
  • Malicious files or virus can cause your data to get corrupted and lost.

Software services offered by Stellar data recovery

Data Recovery software

This software is for the recovery of lost files, emails, or data from your PC. This is also useful to recover SSD, flash drives, or any other kind of external storage.

Photo recovery software

With this software you can get back your lost images that are in your device yet might be corrupted and inaccessible or some file that might be accidentally deleted. You can recover files from SD Cards, USB stick.

Video repair software

If you are a content creator and use SD cards to transfer RAW files from your DSLR, Action cam, drones etc. There are countless times a creator has lost his files or maybe deleted the RAW file to make space and later realise that he needed the footage. With Stellar’s Video repair software you can get back those files easily.

If you are looking out for getting your data recovered, I would highly recommend you to check out Stellar data recovery and test their software which is available on their website for a trial.


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