Sony PS4 to become affordable; may receive price cut soon

Sony is riding high on success with its latest version of the gaming console Playstation 4. The company announced that they shipped around 60 million pieces in 2016.  Although being top of their segment consoles, the company may be thinking of a new market strategy to get over the competition.

sony PS4

2016 is already in the past, this is 2017 which marks the launch of Nintendo’s switch and X-box’s project Scorpio in the later half. Many market analysts exclaimed ‘ Price cut is the way Sony may keep their market share this high.’

The price cut is expected to affect prices for both the edition PS4 pro and standard edition.

Sony ps4

Sony has decided to give their gaming customers more for the bit they spend, bringing the 1TB version of the PS4 to market at the same $299 price which earlier was the price of the 500GB hard drive. That $299 price was still since September 2016, with occasional special deals that have dropped the price down to $249. There’s no telling if Sony will follow through with a price drop in the near future of what the new price point would be if so. But in light of the competition, the PS4 will be going up against this year, such a move could help Sony keep its console on top.


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