Sony launching their new Playstation 4.5

Sony is all set for bringing a more powerful successor to its
PlayStation lineup called ‘Neo’ — but now the Wall Street Journal is
reporting that it will also refresh their standard model (Namely PS4.5). There
are no precise details right now, but the Journal citing sources said,
“that the two different versions of the PS4 are being designed to broaden
the appeal and attract hardcore fans and more casual users to its video-game
Sep 7 has been set as launch for the new PlayStation
The new console is being launched to support 4K Ultra HD resolution for
gaming. While the PS4 can run 4K video footage, it’s not able to handle
interactive games at that incredibly crisp resolution. Supposedly, the
PlayStation 4.5 will be built to allow games to run at 4K – for people who have
a 4K television, of course. That might be a small number now, but it’s growing
Another reason Sony wants to put a little more power on the table is for
the PlayStation VR headset, which will release on October 16, 2016. The PS4
does VR with comparably less power to computers. However, in a VR world,
silky-smooth performance is crucial to ensure full immersion. With the PS4.5,
developers should be able to tap into the newer hardware to enhance their VR
Sony has sold more than 40 million PS4 consoles, and the games are
continuing to sell well, too. While it has scaled back its loss-making mobile
business and suffered the financial impact of the Kumamoto earthquake on its
manufacturing operations, the PlayStation business is booming. The gaming division
judged for 75% of Sony’s profits in its most recent Q1-2016 quarter of business
such is its importance to the Japanese tech giant.
The CPU is said to utilize 8 Jaguar Cores running at 2.1 GHz apiece (as
opposed to 1.6 GHz in the original PS4), while an upgraded AMD GPU should offer
extra graphical muscle with 36 compute units at 911 MHz compared to 18 CU at
800 MHz in the earlier model.
The transfer speed on the 8GB GDDR5 RAM will also bump up to 218 GB/sec
from 176 GB/sec. Don’t know what that all means? Don’t worry: more processing
power and faster speeds mean the PlayStation NEO will be able to handle
higher-resolution output, manage more textures and details onscreen, and
generally provide a smoother play experience overall.
PS 4.5
Additional gaming consoles aren’t the only notable new gaming development
planned by Sony. The company said earlier this year that it will begin
producing games for iOS and Android for the first time, following rival Nintendo’s lead, but it clarified
that these titles would be focused on users based in Asia.
That’s bound to disappoint millions of ardent fans elsewhere in the
world — but they can at least look forward to new versions of the PS4 and, if
they are partial to nostalgia, Nintendo is rebooting its classic NES console
with a miniature version just in time for Christmas.
Then there’s the Xbox camp, which just released the (very attractive)
Xbox One S model, and will introduce its next games console — “Project Scorpio”
— in 2017.
Xbox vs PlayStation
We are very excited to see this rivalry unfold and the new
PlayStation(s) are a force to recon with. 

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  1. Piyush singh says:

    This ps4.5 seriously means something to expect , eagerly watching out for it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Sony are really trying to get everyone in there camp *thumbs up*

  3. James says:

    Fuck this I'm waiting for the Nintendo ��������

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