Schemes for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are on: You can save more than Rs 38,000

Apple Inc. Recently launched their front-runner phones for this year. Many iPhone junkies around the globe might be thinking of making a switch to the new generation now. In the festive season as the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now available in weeks of launch. Many offers including cash back, buyback, and exchange are up for grabs.

iphone 8

With current offers, the new iPhone can be very less expensive than it would sound to be.

Saving Offers available

With combination of all the offers, you can even land up with this new phone for a price of Rs 3000/-

Exchange offers

Apple India is offering exchange offer up to 23,000 on an old smartphone. Conditions are your smartphone should be all right and working condition. Prices may differ according to the phone you have and how old it is. You can exchange both Android and iPhone devices in this offer.

Cashback Offer

On payment with Citi bank debit and credit card. There is an additional  Rs10,000 cash back on the purchase of the device. which directly makes 74,000 phone a 64,000 rs phone. Anybody with the Citi account can avail this offer.

BuyBack offer

Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus are having buyback offer straight from Apple. They can return their phones to apple within a year and get Rs 33,000 on iPhone 8 and Rs 38,000 on iPhone 8 Plus.

Deals you can score with iPhone for iPhone 8

iphone 8

On Exchange with iPhone 7, you can achieve an exchange of 17,000. Cashback of 10,000 using a Citi card. and considering a buyback option of 33,000 within a year. The phone is priced at 63,000 and if you avail all the offers it will cost you just 7000/- as you get offers up to 56,000/-.

On Exchange with iPhone 7  Plus, it will cost less as the exchange price is rs 23,000 the new phone will cost just Rs 9,000/- availing all offers.

Deals you can score with Android phones

On Exchange with the top flagship of 2016 and 2017, you can get up to 23,000 rs off, and rest offers you can avail as it is are available. you entitle benefit of more than 60,000 with purchase of the new phone.

Availablity of Offers

Offers are available by the midnight of tomorrow. Go steal the deal before it ends you mourn later.



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