Sapphire glass 128 GB HTC U Ultra headed to Europe for €849

If the €699 price tag on the brand new HTC U Ultra wasn’t already enough to disappoint you, now a even pricier option is available for grabs. An €849 version of the HTC U Ultra with sapphire glass on the front and 128 GB storage option will be available from 18th April in Germany.

This version of HTC U Ultra was earlier thought to be a Taiwan exclusive. It will be available in Germany from April 18 as a amazon exclusive. We’ll have to wait and see just how many Europeans are willing to part with an extra €150 for a tougher display and double the storage. And to be cherry on the side you will have to wait a month to receive it.

Sapphire glass 128 GB HTC U Ultra headed to Europe for €849

The HTC U Ultra is already branded as a overpriced piece of hardware with several questionable design choices. But HTC has like the rest had die-hard fans which will buy anything the company throws at them.

One thing worth noting though is that while sapphire glass can’t be scratched with anything, it doesn’t share the same impact resistance as the Gorilla Glass 5 found on the regular HTC U Ultra. So keep that in mind if you’re more prone to dropping your phone than scratching it up.

Let us know down below that are your thoughts about this device? Will you be buying one? Do you own a regular HTC U Ultra? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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