Samsung Galaxy M51 and M31s set to announced in June

Samsung has been launching aggressively priced smartphones in the budget range. Samsung brought the M- lineup of devices which started as online only. Made their ways to store and made it big in the competition. Samsung has been rumoured to launch the Samsung Galaxy M51 smartphone ever since January. Now the leaks confirm that the M51 might arrive in July whereas the Samsung galaxy M31s will arrive in June.

Samsung Galaxy M51

The company had already launched Samsung Galaxy A51 and M31 this year in January and March which has a very good market hold because of its feature and 64-megapixel camera qualities at a reasonable cost.

M31s are the upgrades version of these phones which will be having the change in design and software as an upgraded version. While the M51 is new.

 Assumptions about Samsung Galaxy M51 and M31s-

1 Samsung Galaxy M51 smartphone-

The smartphone is expected to be a mid-range smartphone. The phone will be having a 64-megapixel camera quality with on-display fingerprint sensors. Even if M51 is an upgraded and rebranded version of Samsung Galaxy A71 so it might be coming up with Qualcomm 700-series processor and, 6 RAM and 128 GB onboard storage.

Although the production of this M51 is largely done in India so it will be delayed until July due to the coronavirus crisis in India.

Samsung Galaxy M31s smartphone-

Samsung galaxy M31s is also expected to be a mid-range phone and might be lesser than M51. This phone will also be having a 64-megapixel camera and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Even though Galaxy M31s is an upgraded version of Galaxy M31. It also has 126GB storage and 6GB RAM.

Even though there is not any fixed or confirmed news about the releasing date or prices. It can be assumed that the phones might be launched in June because of the reports. We can say that Samsung Galaxy M51 and M31s might be model numbers as SM-M51F and SM-M317F respectively.






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