Rumors suggest a new iPhone in the market by fall of 2016

a glance, Apple’s iPhone 7 is
expected to launch in 2016, bringing new features.
All of us hoping for a new fresh design from the California giants are
going to be disappointed as reports suggest that the design would remain
similar iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 and 7S
Is change of name on the cards?
There have been some rumors suggesting Apple
could drop its standard numbered naming convention, instead calling the 2016
iPhone the “iPhone Pro.” It is unclear at this point if those rumors
are accurate.
Different size offerings for the new iPhone
Apple is said to be planning to stick to the 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen
With the iPhone 7 which they first introduced with iPhone 6 and 6S.
Apple planning to scrap 3.5 mm Jack to reduce thickness?
rumors suggest Apple is aiming to make the iPhone 7 up to 1mm thinner, perhaps
through the removal of 3.5 mm jack and the implementation of a
thinner Lightning port, but other rumors suggest the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will
have a body that is of the same
thickness as the iPhone 6s.
With no
headphone jack, wired headphones will connect to the iPhone 7 using its
Lightning port and Bluetooth headphones will connect wirelessly. Apple is
rumored to be working on Lightning-equipped EarPods to sell alongside the
iPhone 7.
is reportedly working on Bluetooth EarPods which will be sold separately with
the iPhone 7.

Rumored Specifications:
Internal specs for the iPhone 7 aren’t yet known, but we can
speculate Apple will continue on its path of introducing more powerful,
efficient devices with each design iteration. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
are expected to include next – generation A10
processor manufactured by TSMC.
The iPhone 7 may ship with 2 GB RAM, while the
iPhone 7 Plus could include 3 GB RAM, and there is said to be a
different camera system
the iPhone 7 Plus that uses two cameras instead of one with 2-3X optical zoom and
improved performance in low-light conditions. The iPhone 7 will likely continue
to use a standard single-lens camera as multiple sources have said the dual
lens camera is
exclusive to the
5.5-inch iPhone 7S.
All in all iPhone 7 is expected to feature very minor
changes to its predecessor, leading to speculation and rumors suggesting less
sales due to lack of Innovation.
But whenever the iPhone 7S hit the market floor it will
sure be a hot topic with its drastic changes.

Saying that we would skip the iPhone 7 and wait eagerly
for the 7S.

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