Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 could be half the price of the original

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has already confirmed that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, also known as the Galaxy Note 7R, will go on sale soon in South Korea, but we’re yet to learn the precise price. Thanks to a report from The Investor yesterday, however, we might be a step closer to finding out.

The Investor states that it’s “widely rumored” that the Galaxy Note 7R will be “50 percent cheaper” than the original. Previous speculation suggested it would cost 700,000 KRW, approximately $620, compared to the original 988,900 KRW price or around $870.

In the US, the device launched unlocked for $849.99, which would theoretically bring the Galaxy Note 7R down to around $424.99 were it to go on sale there (which Samsung has confirmed, it won’t).

It strikes me that this would be one of the best deals that Android has ever seen, given how initially well received the original phone was. The Galaxy S7, which launched for $600 unlocked, is more than a year old, and you’ll still be hard-pressed to find that at $300 (one-off sales notwithstanding).

This is still just a rumor for now, but what do you think? Has the Galaxy Note 7 past ruined the appeal of it? Or would you be happy to pay 430 bucks for it if it went on sale in the US? Let us know in the comments.

Source:Android Authority

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