Premium Android One device by the Motorola in the making?

Xiaomi launched their Android One device recently by the name of Xiaomi Mi A1. For those who don’t know Android One devices are partnered with Google. They run a vanilla version of Android developed by Google without any skin. It offers the manufactures hardware with a stock android experience without any bloatware of skin on top.

Android one was limited to cheap phones for developing countries when it launched back in 2014. Since then the Android one project was inactive until recently Xiaomi launched the Mi A1. The Mi A1 is an Android One project phone in the mid range segment.

Now there are rumors of a premium Android One device by Motorola. Popular leaker Evan Blass tweeted out an image of a Motorola Phone which had the Android One branding. The device looks the Motorola X4 with metal unibody and a dual camera setup.

Looking at the recent developments with the resurrection of Android One and the Mi A1 just being a rebranded Mi 5x it is totally possible for this to be true. Just like Xiaomi, Motorola can be on its way to launch an Android One device. Unlike the Mi A1, the Motorola variant will be more of a premium device than a budget segment with a stock Android build.

Is a premium Android One Device Necessary?

Android One

Android One project was meant to provide good phones with a stock Android build to the lower segments in the developing countries where people couldn’t purchase Nexus devices due to a high price tag. It looks like since then the things have changed. The Nexus series is dead and the Android one has moved to the Budget segment.

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But a premium Android One device means the resurrection of Nexus Series under a different name. This will directly compete with the Mid randge segment where Nexus used to rule. It looks like Google realized killing the Nexus wasn’t a great idea and is trying to bring it back under a different name and face.

Does Android One Device by Motorola make Sense?

Motorola Almost Stock Android with features

As we know Motorola devices already run a near stock build of Android. They also deliver speedy updates due to that. An Android One phone will mean the same thing. It will lack the customization moto makes like the moto actions. Also, Android One project guarantees updates for two years. So a Motorola Android One phone will only have the benefit of a longer software support in trade in for features like moto actions.

So are you excited for a premium Android One device by Motorola? Let us know your views in the comments down below!

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