Portronics Yogg X In-Depth Review

Portronics enhanced its Wellness Series by launching another wearable, Yogg X few weeks ago. The Portronics Yogg X is an improvement to the Portronics Yogg. Tracking exercise levels and sleep duration are some of the things the Yogg X can perform. In addition it also serves as a caller-id and as a watch also.

Yogg X with band and charger



Yogg X with band
While on the spec sheet, its same as the Yogg yet so much more different. The Yogg X now has a removable dial and a touch enabled display. The Yogg X is more stylish due to a circular dial rather than rectangular like its predecessor.
The band looks like a fairly common band like in the Yogg and other common fitness trackers. The especially relevant part of the Yogg X is the circular dial rather than the old rectangular dial we are see in the fitness trackers. The band comes in both Red and Black.
Yogg X front    Yogg X back

The unit itself is removable from the band which means we can change the band to suit or mood for to replace a damaged band.  The Yogg X is extremely slim with a fairly big display in the front and a touch sensitive panel. The touch sensitive panel or the display is not distinguishable from each other hence giving us a clean design.

On the back, there is Portronics branding in the middle along with the charging pins. You will notice a small vertical line somewhere on the boundary which can be used by the user to align it with the band.


Yogg X App                           Yogg X App
The Yogg X can be easily paired with any smartphone with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 almost draining no battery at all. The data is synced with your device and your phone with the help of a dedicated app. The app is easily available on the iOS and Android. The Yogg X tracks your distance covered as well as footsteps taken in order to calculate the calories burned. The Yogg X also reminds you of your daily goals as well as 6 custom set reminders which are related to sleeping, eating or even taking a medicine. There is also an inactivity alert which reminds you to get moving after a certain period of time. The Yogg X also acts as a beeper for your social messages and calls.


Yogg X charging
The Yogg X performs really well under heavy duty usage and the battery lasted on an average of 3 days. The device is 24*7 wearable due to its water proof design(IP67). It also has a safety feature so that if the user either if accidentally leaves its phone or it gets stolen the band will notify the user. As a result the band shows Bluetooth disconnection alert quite often. If you leave your phone in our bedroom, you cant walk to the kitchen without the alert going off. The positive side of this is you won’t ever forget your phone in a public place. The footstep tracking is almost accurate, considering the other devices in this price range we would say we are quite impressed.
While using the device, we didn’t notice any visible lag or some sort of performance degradation. The 55 mAH charges in less than 30 minutes with a 2 amp charger. The magnetic charge base sticks like charm. The only thing we missed was the ability to see battery level on the Yogg X itself without opening up the app.


The Yogg X is made for someone who tracks his exercises as well as a casual user. It launched at a price of ₹2,499 which is a bit costlier than its alternatives like the Mi Band. Considering the design and performance it is worth it. So, if you are looking for an accurate activity tracker that will keep you updated about your daily activity records and notifications then you can go for it.

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