Pebble 2 plus launched with heart rate sensor ; worth Rs 8799

Pebble, which is in the smartwatch culture since 2012,firstly bring the original Pebble, has launched its the second generation of its Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble 2 Plus in India.

In may this year, Pebble launched its Pebble Time, Pebble Round, Pebble Time Steel and the original Pebble Classic in India via and has now launched the first of its second generation of wearables.

Pebble’s second generation range consists of the Pebble 2 Plus, Pebble 2 and the Pebble Time 2. The Pebble Time and Pebble 2 Plus just got out of Kickstarter a few weeks and ago and very recently became available to the public in USA. Now Pebble, has brought the Pebble 2 Plus in India at Rs 8,799.

From where it started?
Long before Apple entered the game, Pebble showed to the Public what a smartwatch is capable of via the original Pebble and has continued to depict the same. The Pebble 2 improvised over the original Pebble in a few key areas.

Improvision over the original Pebble 
It has an optical heart rate monitor, Pebble Health built in for activity and sleep tracking, a microphone for voice input, quick release bands as well as a much better design. Unlike the Pebble Time and Time Steel however, the Pebble 2 doesn’t come with a color e ink display.

The Pebble 2 Plus has a monochrome e-ink display, which helps the device achieve 5-7 days of battery life on a single charge. The display is not touchscreen, and the watch is controlled through physical buttons.

It is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor and comes with an accelerometer as well as Bluetooth 4.3 support. Just like the original Pebble, the Pebble 2 Plus is also 30m water resistant and can easily withstand a shower or two.

Pebble’s range currently available in India 
Pebble has not launched the Pebble 2 in India which is a cheaper variant of the two without a heart rate monitor. Pebble’s lineup in India now consists of the original Pebble at Rs 5,999, the Pebble 2 Plus at Rs 8,799, the Pebble time at Rs 9,999, the Pebble Time Round at Rs 13,599 and the Pebble Time Steel at Rs 15,999.

Advantage which this watch sustains over the android wear and apple watch, is its multi-OS build , it works efficiently well on both the platforms.

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