OnePlus 3/3T meets OnePlus 2’s fate; The future of OnePlus 5?

Couple of months ago, OnePlus came into limelight when it officially announced not to update OnePlus 2 , its 2015 flagship to the Android Nougat. Now its 2016 Flagship has seen the same fate with Android O to be OnePlus 3/3T’s last update.

Oliver Z, Head of Product at OnePlus on the company’s blog confirmed that the OnePlus 3/3T will be getting the Android O update but that will be the last major update for that device.

One Plus 3/3T midnight black back

To respond to fuming fans company tried to solaced them by saying it will release incremental  updates to fix any bugs, and roll out security patches when and wherever needed.

The announcement came as a shock for many people as the company is known to take feedback from the user community and provide long-term software updates. Initially termed as “Flagship Killer” the OnePlus devices have seemed to be killed by flagships in terms of software updates.

Why is this a big deal for OnePlus?


The original Equipment manufactures also known as OEM’s have a deal will Google to provide atleast 18 months of software updates and support for a phone.

With many devices in the company’s portfolio they often neglect the cheaper ones and focus on the higher end devices. With OnePlus with them having such a low number of currently supported devices namely the 3/3T and the OnePlus 5 , it shouldn’t have been the issue.

One Plus 3/3T midnight black camera

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It the OnePlus 2, with the 18 months support concept it should get the Nougat update but it didn’t. Same with the OnePlus 3/3T lineup.

Technically the OnePlus 3 will have completed its 18 Months before the net maor android update ie the Android P. But the mere 8 months 3T deserves more.


Effect on OnePlus Future?

With flagships proving a slow but full support to their devices with a 90% of devices getting updated to the promised update no matter how late they get updated but they do.

Companies like HTC go the extra mile to provide 24 months support t some of its devices. Nokia (owned by HMD global) has promised to provide 2 year support to all of its devices namely Nokia 3,5,6.

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One Plus 3/3T midnight black front

OnePlus 5 comes in two model—6GB RAM+64GB storage and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage—for Rs. 32,999 and Rs. 37,999, respectively in India.

Though compared to flagships and its performance its a cheaper alternative but the most expensive OnePlus device yet.

With the company declining to offer updates to its devices with a year after they were launched, the fate of OnePlus 5 with the Android P is in doubt. Fans knowing it won’t get update to the Android P might not buy it at all.

So what are your thoughts on the OnePlus decision on OnePlus 3/3T? Let us know in the comments down below!

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