Is OnePlus 5 too similar to Oppo R11 and iPhone 7?


It has been raining smartphones this year. Not only the number of brands but also the number of phones being released has increased drastically. But it seems that companies are running out of ideas with phones coming out to be similar in design. It can be said that OnePlus 5 is the most awaited smartphone of 2017, some of its details have been released recently, one of them being its back design. However, it has been receiving a lot of backlash. Its design seems to be way to similar to that of Oppo R11 and that of iPhone 7.


OnePlus 5 vs Oppo R11 vs iPhone 7

With the photos that have been released, it can be seen that all three have a dual camera on the back with similar positioning. The dual rear cameras on the OnePlus 5 are placed horizontally on the top left corner with the LED flash on the right side same as that of Oppo R11.  Also, the cameras tend to protrude from the back a bit. All three are made of metal. They also have their logos at a similar position, i.e., in the middle.


Well, one of the main reason for the similarity could be that both Oppo and OnePlus are owned by the same Chinese company. BBK Electronics not only owns Oppo and OnePlus but also Vivo. iPhone 7 which was released before both phones could have acted as an inspiration for the other two phones.

However, the similarity ends at their physical appearance as the specs of the two phones seems to be completely different. The software present in the phones are also different.

Oppo R1 vs OnePlus 5

OnePlus would soon be releasing in India on June 22, and people are eagerly waiting for it. The further design of the phone would also be available then only. Boasting of some nice specs OnePlus 5 seems like a good phone to look forward to.

Keep checking this space out for reviews of both Oppo R11 and OnePlus 5

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  1. 22nd December 2017

    […] might also feature a notch with an OLED-display considering the fact that the OnePlus 5 was almost identical to the iPhone 7. This hints at the OnePlus 6 being a lot similar to the iPhone X. Although it is too early to say […]

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