Now you can become Thanos thanks to Google

Avengers Endgame, the last avenger’s movie of the Marvel’s phase 3. Has brought the 11 years storyline starting from the First Iron man movie to a conclusive High point. The Movie is already House full for the entire next week, has already broken all the records set by the regional cinema in every country. In light of popularity, Google has added a new minigame where you can be Thanos.

Google Thanos snap

In the Minigame, you can snap and feel the power of the infinity stones.

How to Snap like Thanos?

  1. You have to just search Thanos in Google search
  2. In the Thanos description, an Infinity gauntlet appears
    Google thanos snap
  3. Click the Gauntlet repeatedly- Google surprises you with the snap

What happens when you snap?

We are well aware that when Thanos snapped last year it decimated half the population including the new marvel heroes. With Google’s Snap, Google surprises us with a similar situation but only eliminating the search results not our loved ones.  Google apart from this offers a solution to get back the results which we have lost due to decimation by the clicking on the gauntlet again.

Box office collections in India

The Avengers fourth instalment, longest of all the 22- preceding movies. Is trending all over the world, In India, the Movie has already broken the records of maximum pre-booking.  The First day of the movie, The movie is expected to gather over 50 crores which is more than any movie released last years. While the record of the Highest grossing movie will remain with The Bahubali: conclusion, as the movie Hit 3366 screens whereas the Avengers Endgame is 800 screens shy.

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