Pokemon Unite: Nintendo and Tencent collaborate

Nintendo is a Japanese company that is proving a Switch console for the game which can run on mobile phones also. They have also collaborated with the Chinese top gaming company Tencent for selling Switch to the Chinese market also. Pokemon Unite battle is a team battleground strategical game.

pokemon unite battle

Pokemon Unite battle is expected to have players joining and create a plan with another player for defeating their opponent in 5-on 5 battle showdown. The Pokemon Company and Tencent Timi Studio have developed this game as a high-weighted game.

This collaboration between the two companies is expected to befit both companies. Nintendo holding the rights of pokemon expects to enter the Chinese markets and sell their Switch consoles.  While on the other hand, Tencent gets another notch on its belt with another popular game.

Although the company has yet to reveal the launch date of the availability of Switch in the market.

While there was no information except the 5 on 5 gameplay, we expect the game to have a battle mode. Which might look similar to PuBG and COD’s Team Deathmatch mode. While a side by side story mode where we play Pokemon trainer – catching and evolving our pokemon.

Companies announcement for ‘Pokemon Unite battler’

1. Tencent’s announcement:-

The company has revealed that there Shenzhen base Timi Studio is working on a new Pokemon series. It is the Studio behind the monster mobile hit the “Horror of King”.They have also hired a U.S director of a  french gaming company for expanding their business overseas.

2. Nintendo’s announcement:-

The company has revealed that their share prices this month touched 12 years high. As it was is higher demands due to lockdown and the success of the island life simulator “The Animal Crossing: New Horizon”. buoyed sentiment around the Kyoto-based firm.


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