New JBL Quantum Range unveils top quality audio in budget

JBL unveiled all-new headphone lineup for the burgeoning gaming market. JBL Quantum Range delivers immersive audio quality and pinpoints accuracy to provide a true competitive advantage. From the thrill of tracking enemies in FPS games to engaging in epic MOBA battles, the Quantum Range amplifies victories with a sound experience that transforms each headset into a crown for the everyday champion.

JBL Quantum

The launch follows JBL’s association with lifestyle power brand and gaming organization ‘100 Thieves’.

With seven headset models available, from wired to wireless and affordable to a professional level, the range includes options for both casual and competitive gamers. The flagship JBL Quantum ONE takes sound to the next level, built exclusively with QuantumSPHERE 360 sound technology. This feature uses proprietary algorithms and integrated head tracking sensors, so competitive gamers can hear enemies and movements around them like never before. The JBL Quantum 300, JBL Quantum 400, JBL Quantum 600 and JBL Quantum 800 feature the newest QuantumSURROUND sound technology powered by the  QuantumENGINE PC software. This allows gamers to experience virtual worlds in added dimensions by adding the height channels that replicate a much wider, realistic spatial soundstage to facilitate next-gen cinematic game immersion.

About JBL Quantum Range-

  • All headsets in the JBL Quantum Range have multi-platform capabilities for seamless connection to PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR.
  • Incorporates best-in-class flip-up or detachable boom microphones with echo cancelling technology, which enables users to focus on voice rather than background noises to ensure crystal clear communication.
  • Features PU leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions on the Quantum 100, Quantum 200,  Quantum and Quantum 400 models, and premium leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions on the Quantum 600,  Quantum 800 and Quantum ONE models.
  • No matter the model, each of the headsets provides players with long-lasting quality and comfort for marathon sessions.
  • Players can easily pinpoint incoming fire, hear enemies creeping up from behind or feel the roar of explosive action with JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature™.
  • Exposed drivers and tweeters deliver incredible sound clarity, ensuring that users never miss a step, shot or jump during gameplay.

Price in India

quantum range price

The price range of the new quantum starts from Rs 3,999 for the Quantum 100 to Rs 20,999 for the Quantum One. Model wise price-

  • Quantum 100: INR 3999
  • Quantum 200: INR 5999
  • Quantum 300: INR 6999
  • Quantum 400: INR10999
  • Quantum 600: INR 16999
  • Quantum 800: INR 22999
  • Quantum One: INR 29999

JBL has tried to budget-friendly by launching different 7 models of the Quantum range in a price bracket of  Rs 27,999. JBL is targeting India’s emerging market.

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