Musemee Clip In-Depth Review

Everybody who has a tripod at a point has thought about hacks to hold your phone in the tripod. There are many cellphone mount to attach to your tripod in the market but they easily break because of their chucks coming out. Musemee has found the solution to this problem by launching Musemee Clip. Musemee clip is a Elegant Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder. Best thing about Musemee Clip is that the chucks are foldable.

Musemee Clip



Musemee Clip Foldable Chucks
Musemee Clip holding a BlackBerry
Musemee Clip is a small elegant looking key chain with a universal cellphone holder and tripod mount. It basically looks like a key chain, a bulky one. On the front there is a Musemee logo with clip written beside it. On the back there is just a Musemee logo. There is a key chain coming out of the side. From the back the chucks can easily be folded out which will be used to hold your phone. The inside of the chucks are padded so that it doesn’t damage your phone while holding it. There are rods inside just like a standard Cellphone holder. That rods can easily be pulled out to extend the clip by 86 mm. Extending clip requires almost no force.


Musemee Clip in action
Musemee Clip is basically a Universal Cellphone holder and a tripod stand with a key ring. Its main purpose is to attach to your tripod and hold your phone in place. The padded back of the chucks ensures that your phone doesn’t get any harm while using the clip. Foldable chucks help you to easily carry it without breaking the holder. It also has a key chain so that you can attach it to your keys and easily carry it around. The build quality is also pretty great. We dropped the thing a couple of times there it didn’t even ended up with a scratch. It also can be used to hold your phone stable if someone tends to use the camera too much in a phone without OIS.


Musemee clip is for someone who always works with camera’s and tripods. A Universal cellphone holder with a key chain makes it easier to carry it around and attach it to your tripod whenever you need it. Also it acts as a great holder for holding your phone in hand. Just for $11.99 it’s not much of a mind blowing deal but is a great product. If you travel much with your tripod its a great deal for you.

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