Motorola Razr with Fold able display appears online

It looks like its 2006! Smartphone brands are going all out for foldable smartphones. Last year, the trend of slider smartphone came back up on top. Now the foldable smartphones are making news all over the globe. After Samsung, Huawei unveiled its foldable smartphones but not able to reach out to the consumers. It is time for the Motorola to enter the arena with their Motorola Razr, The old flip screen king in a new Avatar.

Motorola Razr

Each and every firm working on the Foldable smartphones are facing many technological and innovative fallbacks. Which are causing the delays in launch or difficulty in usage? Samsung’s galaxy fold got prone to falling screen and faulty hinge in the first trials. Huawei is still yet to bring out its Huawei Mate X in the real world. Motorola is to be believed to be working on this smartphone for past 2-3 years and still haven’t made the cut yet.  The launch of the smartphone was expected to be in Q3 2019. But new reports suggest further delays causing the smartphone announcement in the end of 2019, smartphone launching in 2020.

What makes Motorola Razr special?

Motorola Razr will have its trademark vertical flip like mechanism which will be the first among the present competitors. The company also reportedly wants to gauge the market reaction on the delayed Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold before jumping into anything catastrophic.

Motorola Razr also brings its nostalgic old design into the modern smartphone. The price of the smartphone is expected to be around 1500 EUR which is roughly higher than the current iPhone 11 pro. We expect the Motorola Razr to have hardware as good as the Samsung Note 10 to take on the competition among player in this price range.

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