Making your own iPhone?

With smartphones getting more and more expensive, and parts getting cheaper and  cheaper, is it possible to make your own phone from scratch? After few minutes of pondering you also might have thought, why not? 

A youtube channel-Strange Parts went viral when they build an iPhone 6s from parts from China from scratch.

With a little bit of hardwork and basic knowledge anyone can do it.

The youtuber went to Shenzhen, China and bought parts of a disassembled or replacement parts and put them together. He built himself a brand new or can be said a refurbished iPhone 6s. It shows how easy it is to repair iPhones and also how effectively damaged phones can be used for repair or making new phones. This not only saves money but also helps the environment.

We never think about what will happen to our old phone before throwing it away.The phone first gets taken apart and then repaired. The pieces are sold off separately for repair of damaged phones, or making project devices like this one!

What do yo think of this green way to save money as well as reduce junk? Will you be building/making your own iPhone? Let us know your views down below!

Lalit Wadhwa

Tech Geek, BlackBerry Lover and a Engineer

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  1. Andrew Silvestri says:

    Thats pretty dope!

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