LG V30+ Hands on Review: Pretty solid package for a pretty solid pricing

South Korean giants, LG today announced the launch of LG V30+ in India. The device is impressive all round and was much awaited throughout the tech scene. LG followed the trend with an 18:9 Full vision display and launched the device at a very attractive price of INR 44,990/-, which make it the direct rival to many flagship devices in the market right now. We give you our first impression of the device and what all it offers.


The LG V30+ is powered by a Snapdragon 835 Octa-core chipset which supports Daydream, Google platform for HQ mobile VR. The display on the device is a 6.0-inch Quad HD+ POLED Full vision display with a resolution of 2880×1440 pixels with a pixel density of 538ppi.

LG V30+

The design is also improved over the last gen of V -series smartphones. The smartphone is held together in a metal body design which has an IP68 rating and has passed 14 Durability tests by US Military. So to say you will be buying a military-grade smartphone when buying the LG V30+ would not be a lie.

The device is equipped with a dual-camera setup with a 16-megapixel standard camera lens with a f/1.6 aperture which is coupled with a 13-megapixel wide angle lens.  Both lenses are glass lens rather than a plastic lens. You also get Optical Image stabilization (OIS), Electronic Image stabilization and Hybrid Autofocus.

LG V30+

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LG has also pulled all the stops to convince the market that they are here to say. You get a heat pipe and a cooling pad inside the LG V30+ to dissipate heat quickly. With the presence of Quick Charge 3.0, you can charge the V30+ from empty to 50 percent in approximately 30 minutes. You also get the convenience of Wireless charging which is absent from some of the best smartphones on the market.

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First Impressions

Design and feel

The smartphone feels pretty solid to hold in hand and nothing on the device can be called cheap. The buttons on the side are solid when used. The device overall feels very premium and sturdy to hold. Thanks to the 18:9 display the 6-inch display doesn’t feel out of place in the hands and you get a decent grip.

LG V30+


The device is running on Android 7.1 with no news as to when the latest Android will be available to roll out.  But you get a near stock experience with some minor changes here and there. There is no bloatware that we experienced on our initial use of the device.  The Snapdragon 835 SoC manages to handle whatever app we were using on the device pretty well.


The camera on the LG V30+ is one of the most talked features on the device, and you are not a Pixel 2 or iPhone X user you will surely appreciate the camera on the device. The 2 lenses on the back partner each other to the best of there potential and there are no software issues with the camera. Wide angle gives you the option to capture stills within the range of 120-degree angle. While the standard lens lets you capture stills within the range of 71 degrees.

The colours on the normal lens are far superior to the colour representation you get from the Wide angle lens. The wide angle lens seems to fade the colours and does a poor job reconstructing colours. Still, the Autofocus works fine and the blur behind the subject feels up to mark.

The front camera also has good quality and also features a wide-angle lens and similar to the back, where we were not very impressed with the colours of the camera. But the smartphone did a decent job with it.

LG V30+

Sound Quality

LG holds their heads pretty high in this department, in the past series of V-range of smartphones, LG was pretty focused on the sound output from their devices and nothing has changed there. You get Hi-Fi 32Bit Quad DAC support for lossless clarity which can only be utilized to the full of its potential when equipped with headphone with Hi-Fi support. You get better audio resolution with 142Db louder range.

The loudspeaker is fairly loud and crisp, though it wasn’t the loudest we have ever heard by any means. When paired with headphones the sound is pretty phenomenal and will satisfy you if you like your music loud and crisp with impressive mids and lows, while the highs can be a little bit shaky but we will have to review the device a bit deeper.


The LG V30+ is equipped with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 and wireless charging. The company is claiming that the device will charge from empty to 50% in under 30-mins which we will have to test. The battery on the device is a 3,300mAh, which lasts fairly long, we used the device for a lit bit but did not feel any major discharge.

LG V30+

You get Fingerprint recognition and following the bandwagon, you can also unlock your smartphone with face recognition and also the addition of voice recognition, because why not?

The Fingerprint recognition is rapid with the speeds similar to that of OnePlus 5T. The face recognition also works perfectly fine but is not what we are very fond of.


LG V30+

At a price of INR 44,990, the LG V30+ offers good package all over the smartphone is a very solid built with all features that can compete with flagship range smartphones and give them a fight. We really like the feel of the phone and in perfect conditions, the smartphone can take very decent photos. The sound is crisp, clear and very high quality. The OLED display is a treat to look at, and colours feel non-fictitious and fantastic to look at.

The LG V30+ feels like a great contender to the market and we can finally say, LG has got a fantastic device to offer that could be a game changer for LG in not only Indian market but worldwide.


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