Lenovo Z5 fully bezel-less smartphone with 4TB storage launch set for June 5

Lenovo, the parent owner of the brand Motorola. Hasn’t had a bezel-less display phone in their arsenal as yet. But with Lenovo Z5 launching on June 5, The Company tries to have an impact on the market with a fully bezel-less display smartphone.

lenovo z5

Lenovo has confirmed the event on June 5 on Weibo. Lenovo’s official account, on the site, released a poster with event information and date. The event will begin at 2 pm CST (11.30am IST) on June 5 in China.


The new smartphone with its fully bezel-less display brings all new experience with No notch or bezels for Sensors.  Which will be the first time in any smartphone. Lenovo shared the Lenovo Z5’s Camera Sample which revealed that the smartphone has AI-based dual Camera at the back.
Also, we have been brought the information about the phone to come along a 4TB storage, Which has never been seen in the smartphones and even is not seen in Majority laptops available. We expect the phone to have 6/8 GB of RAM for a smooth user experience.

Lenovo Z5

A recent teaser Video claimed the Lenovo Z5 to have Backup of around 45 days on Standby. Which is only possible either by a humongous battery or by optimizing the software. Either of the two shall be considered a win. There is no information about usage time though.

Although there is no word about the Procesor it will be based on, but as per the Lenovo Z series have always had latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in it. Also, we believe it will be under Zuk branding will run on the latest Android on Cyanogen platform.


We are expecting this phone to be priced in the Flagship category. Around the price of Samsung galaxy s9, iPhone X, but rumours to be believed the phone will be priced only a bit more or similar to a Oneplus 5 infinity war edition. Rest launch is on June 5, India may see phone around the end of this year.

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