Lenovo finally brings ZUK Z1 to India

Lenovo has announced that it will launch the ZUK Z1 in India on May 10th. The twist is the phone will be called Lenovo Z1 powered by  ZUK. This is done as Lenovo already has a established brand name in India and the market in India tends to pay more attention to brand name than the actual phone.  Therefor to boost sales the phone will carry Lenovo branding which is evident from the image below.

Back in 2014 Micromax’s YU signed a exclusivity agreement to sell cyanogen os phones in the country but now as the agreement has ended it has paved the way for more OEMs to release cyanogen os based phone in the country. This prompted the Lenovo to release their popular ZUK Z1 in the country.

What the ZUK Z1 lacks in buzz it makes up for with trusty workhorse. The Snapdragon 801 chipset 3 GB were chosen with Cyanogen OS. Cyanogen OS is still making its first steps but those are promising and the company has been pretty active and ambitious with its own taste of Android. The chipset used is a proven excellent performer.

The old-but-gold theme continues with the camera – Sony’s IMX 214 sensor is already used by pretty much every self-respecting mid-ranger, but the ZUK Z1 boasts optical image stabilization to make its camera stand out from the crowd. 13MP primary and 8MP secondary is a pretty good combination.
The Z1 boasts a USB TYPE C which considering the phone was announced back in 2015 was a pretty new technology.
There is no microSD card support nor removable battery but 64GB storage and 4100Mah battery kinda makes up for that.
All that hardware combined with a 5.5″ inch LCD display, fingerprint sensor, dual sim support and machined aluminium frame makes a pretty sweet deal at Rs 22000 but the phone was released back in mid 2015.
Around 9 months after the phone launch the phone is quite outdated if compared with the new releases. Over the 9 Months there have been significant developments both in software as well as hardware section. Is lenovo a little late in launching this phone in the country? Its is accepted that due to Micromax’s deal with Cyanogen the company couldn’t launch the device earlier but shouldn’t they wait for ZUK to launch a new phone and release that in the country instead of releasing an old phone.
According to Moore’s Law which is wildly followed by most of the smartphone makers and even the software giant Google which currently develops the android on which the phone’s OS is based on. It is said that number of transistors per square inch on a IC doubles every 18 Months ie the processing power of a device like a mobile phone could double every 18 Months.
With 9 months already passed by isint it a bit late to be unvieled in any market specially an developing market like India.
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2 Responses

  1. Sukhad says:

    Lenovo is the only company currently able to manufacture and sell cyanogen phones in India. Oneplus and YU's venture with cyanogen is over. It will be a hit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its 9 months old. You think it will be a hit?
    Then you are stupid.

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