How to download the Real Mitron app

Mitron app is a social media platform that is similar to the Chinese app Tiktok. That has created its popularity in the country as it is said to be an Indian based product. There are thousands of downloads of this app on play store within the week. By the vast popularity of the app, it also facing some major issues like numerous fake app available on the play store with the same name and creating problems for users.

The app was also been removed from the play store for violating Google privacy policies. Other than this the app was under examination as the Pakistani coding company claims that Mitron was not made in India and mention that the source code is developed by their company. Although there has been no official word on this allegation.

Identifying the original Mitron app:-

Whenever you search the app on the play store so there will number of app that will occur with the same name but only one is the original one. The Mitron app has millions of downloads on the play store so the reason for listing the fake version of it.

Some step to spot the difference between the original and fake one;

1. The top search result is true-

Whenever you search any app onto the play store there are several cases that there will be the duplicate version of the app available on the play store. It is reliable to download from the top result of the search as it has been mostly downloaded and can be genuine also.

2. Read the name of the developer-

Reading the name of the developer and app is very necessary and it will tell about the authentication. For example, for this app, Mitro-Tiktok is the fake one and MitroTv is the original one.

3. Number of downloads-

When you have checked the developer’s name after that you should check the numbers of downloads on the app. If the app has only 1000 downloads not hunters of thousand then it is a fake one. The number of downloads tells the authenticity of the app.

4. Go through the description-

It is the most important step as the description of the app will tell about the details of the app. It is very important to read the description of the app carefully as by only seeing the font and image of the app will not tell the authentication.

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