KFC “Watt A Box” will juice up your device while you juice up on tasty chicken

KFC Watt A Box
Photo: KFC

Have you ever been halfway through enjoying greasy fried chicken and you realize your phone is low on battery and you need it urgently. Well power banks are common these days but not that popular.

KFC has brought a simple solution to this problem. KFC’s 5-in-1 meal box is now rebranded as Watt A Box and has a added power bank to juice up your device. You could simply plug in your phones USB cable and voilà!

As evidenced in the commercial, never miss an important text while mowing down a 5-in-1 box from KFC. KFC’s Watt a Box has a built-in 6100mAh power bank to charge your device while you tear meat from bone in the cozy KFC outlets.

The idea comes from Mumbai’s Blink Digital and is supplemented with a catchy hashtag campaign, #SabPeBhari or #WattABox. On the KFC India Facebook page, a plea for you to assist your unprepared chicken eating friends wraps it all in a nice little social marketing bow. “Help your friend win the Limited Edition ‪#‎WattABox‬! That one friend whose phone is always out of charge, tag him/her & tell us why the #WattABox is a match made in heaven for them!”
Its a simply brilliant idea and could revolutionize the fast food outlets across the world. ITs very cheap to implant a USB power bank into a device. The Watt A Box in only available in Mumbai and Delhi outlets presently in India.

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  1. Ashish Samantha says:

    Its the biggest joke of the century.
    Buy a power bank you cheapos

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