iPhone X: Green line on screen issue

After a two month delay, Apple introduced its new anniversary edition iPhone X. The smartphone is an upgrade to existing iPhone series. With new features incorporated such as Bezel-less display and Face ID. The phone also has a Dual camera at rear and Wireless Charging.

iPhone X

After just 10 days of the launch, There have been plenty issues which have come up.

Slowing of Screen in Cold weather

In a Reddit thread, Darus 214 raised the issue for the first time. Regarding the issue, he claimed that he walks outside into cold temperatures the screen starts to become unresponsive, which meant he isn’t able to swipe on websites and it doesn’t recognize his finger easily.

Apple has issued a statement to Loop In Sight that says it has already heard the reports of the issue, but that it’s often the case that the screen unresponsiveness stops on its own after a few moments.

Green light at the side of the screen of iPhone X

A twitter user Lejia Peng, Came up with this issue. A bright green light appears at the side of the screen. Which supposedly should be a defect on the screen. Well the issue about Face ID not recognizing with glasses ON is not a quite serious against others.

Right now Apple hasn’t offered any solutions for a fix, bar sending your new iPhone X back for a replacement.

Other Issues

iPhone X

Not only iPhone X, this issues came up with millions of iPhone users recently found themselves plagued with a strange bug that replaced most standalone uses of the lowercase “i” with a pound sign and a box with a question mark.

But, this and many other are fixed.

Note:- The issues surrounding the iPhone X doesn’t seems good to hold up. But in Contrary there have been issues with Google Pixel 2. So, these issues might not affect right now. But, if new issues increases this might affect the sales of the So-hyped iPhone X. Surely one doesn’t expect such issues from their $1000 new smartphone. 

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