Is iPhone SE 2 actually happening? leaked video might have confirmed

If you were a fan of small size smartphones with powerful internals, you were among the people Apple announced the iPhone SE. With the recent trend of big OLED full view displays might not be to your fondness. A recent video leak might just have confirmed that Apple would be bringing the SE range back, with an iPhone SE 2.

iPhone X

The device in the leaked video holds a major resemblance to the iPhone X, but smaller. Unlike the iPhone X, the SE2 might feature a flattened aluminium design on the back similar to the current iPhone SE.

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The notch at the top is identical to the current generation iPhone X. A vertical dual-camera setup at the back of the device is also similar to the X’s design.

The video released is linked below:



The video showcased a working version of alleged iPhone SE 2. But the video basically voids all past rumours about the SE 2. With more similarities to the iPhone X than anyone had managed to predict.

So does this mean the leaked video is a true representation of iPhone SE 2?

Definitely not. Some reasons may suggest why this leaked video could be just another fake from China. The iPhone X display was quite a hassle for Apple to get manufactured and was believed to be just a test phase and be dropped in future. Also on a low-cost aluminium device, the notch design doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

The iPhone SE has been a low-budget Apple device where we could see Apple cutting costs, and the OLED display, Apple’s Truedepth camera lens are top of the line, expensive tech to put in a device like the SE 2. Believing that this might be the cheapest iPhone on the Apple’s lineup for the year 2018, it’s hard to believe that the device will resemble a $1000 iPhone X. All these things make us believe that the SE 2 might just be more similar to the original SE than we think, with No full view display and a No face ID just yet.


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