Is a perfect smartphone possible in near future?

Smartphones have become an indispensable item in our day to day activities. Be it from editing documents, watching movies, browsing, sending/receiving emails, messages and phone calls all of these seem kind of impossible to achieve without a phone. People have become obsessed with it and more so over finding the perfect one for them.

But the quest for finding the perfect smartphone is definitely not that easy.

Is a perfect smartphone possible

To each his own. Everyone has different demands and different opinion. It may not be humanly possible for companies to satisfy the demand of all customers with just one phone. People always try to find themselves a perfect phone but fall short in some way or other.

Try to ask 10 people about their dream phone and you would probably get ten different answers. This is simply because the use of a smartphone for each person is different. A businessman would probably need a good battery life on his phone. An avid photographer would want a phone would good camera while a gamer would want nice display among other features.

Smartphones are a personal device.

For some a 6 inch phone is like a dream come true but for others, it’s just difficult to carry around. Speakers maybe one of the main feature that a buyer thinks about before buying but for others it could be the screen. Specifications requirement can change from person to person. What is important for one, can be completely irrelevant to other.

Tastes of a person and better technology

Change is the only constant in the world. As human our opinions and want change as well. So we may soon get bored of a so-called perfect smartphone. Innovations are growing at exponential rate. From super AMOLED display, we may even move onto a screenless display. The tech that could come in the future may excite us enough to not think about the perfect smartphone for now.

Stagnant market

The arrival of a perfect smartphone would obviously create a stagnant market. Why would people buy some other phone when the perfect one is already there!!

To say a perfect smartphone exists would be too farfetched. But there are some really amazing phones on the market right now. To satisfy the demands of each buyer may not be possible with the diverse buyers present. Hence, to expect a perfect smartphone in the near future seems next to impossible.


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