Huawei rolls out EMUI 9.0 with Android Pie: Here are some top Features

Huawei started rolling out the latest version of their custom ROM EMUI 9.0.  It started in stages starting from Huawei smartphones to Honor smartphones. Huawei Honor 10 got the newer version of the ROM, 2 months back after the new update released on other smartphones.

Huawei’s EMUI ROM is based on Android Pie, The software experience seems smooth on the latest version. The user interface on the smartphone is very similar to the user interface of IOS and MiUi. Very much different to stock android. Also lacks the snappiness of the stock ROM.

Here are some new features which EMUI 9.0 offers

Smart rotate – A small but nifty feature if your auto rotates is always on and you lie on the bed and don’t want the screen to rotate in the landscape mode with you. Switch it on and resolve this sometimes very irritating issue once and for all.

Smart resolution – A pretty well-thought feature. It can lower your screen resolution automatically to save power in certain apps. So you don’t need to go into settings again and again if you ever decide to save on the battery by doing this manually.

Ultra power saver – I know this feature is available on many phones. But what I truly loved about it on the EMUI 9 is how at a blazing speed it just shifts mode. Pretty darn impressive considering how long even Samsung Note 9 takes to do this.

Battery percentage inside battery icon – I just loved doing this in so many custom ROMs. I will never get why so many companies still avoid giving this puny feature on their skins. I would really like to put my battery percentage inside the icon rather than it being out and consuming more space on the top bar.

Taking screenshots – You can easily do this with 3 fingers wipe down. I know you can do this through many MODs and apps on many phones but good to see it being a part of the phone’s functionality without undergoing any changes at all.

Knuckle gestures – So many deep customizations available here. Open camera, open torch, take screenshots, start screen recording. You got to explore all the options yourself to know what all you can do. However, if you have tempered glass on the phone, I would advise forgetting about this feature altogether. It gets really tough to activate knuckle gestures with tempered glass on the screen. (See video for a detailed explanation for each feature)

Digital balance – A feature which is already available on many apps but good to know Honor wants you to control your phone usage themselves. Well, thank you Honor for helping us save our time but not consuming these highly addictive devices we use daily.

Swipe on navigation – One-handed mode gets activated right from the navigation bar. So no need of holding corners and swiping down to do that. As on a huge screen, it kind of gets tough the reach the extreme corner of the screen at the top or anything else really.

Find your phone by calling it – Just fix the voice recognition in the settings and say “Dear honor where are you?” Your phone will scream back to you. So next time when you forget about your phone, try screaming this in every room.

Many navigation options – There are literally 5 different ways you can customize your navigation bar. Use whatever is most convenient to you with a wide variety of swiping gestures, physical button gestures or the typical android navigation bar.

EMUI 9.0 user experience

EMUI is one of the top custom ROM’s available for the Android, while the skin makes your android look unlike the other acclaimed skins such as Cyanogen, Oxygen OS and Stock android itself. But, the main focus of the skin is to enhance the user experience up to the fullest. In doing so, they have only made improvements in the form of new features keeping the old user interface intact. Same as Samsung used to do, before launching the new One UI.

Huawei seems to be more concern with holding up with their old customers well, as the minor changes on the ROM don’t affect the old customers. While keeping the skin similar to the IOS, Huawei Honor aims, to become the Chinese Apple adding the new features to the old skin.

Where is the EMUI exciting? EMUI has its up and down, Down is simply at the performance ends where even the latest kirin processor being super fast seemed a bit twitchy and lacking. While the other equivalent processors from Snapdragon on basic skins seems very snappy. There are quite a few ups, there are few exciting features explained above in the post and are well set, Huawei does offer exciting features which have been listed above, but does offer some nice things which aren’t listed above Features such as stability – For the most part of the usage EMUI seem’s to be one of the most stable ROM’s. Battery consumption – Unlike the other ROM’s EMUI takes care of battery consumption and the phone does last a bit longer than other smartphones.

What is the EMUI 9.0 update all about, first of all, the update seems much lighter, the actual usage of the smartphones seems to have picked up the pace. The GPU-turbo is one of the most talked about feature of 2018, seems to be properly implemented now. Earlier on the EMUI 8.0, there was a bit overheating issue but for now, it seems to have been resolved.

EMUI 9.0

The top new feature of the EMUI is not the above-mentioned feature but is the Camera app. The AI integration on the Camera app was pretty well, but the newer update has enhanced the camera app even further. While the camera app on Honor and Huawei’s Nova series is the Same while the camera app on the premium P20 pro and Mate 20 pro is slightly different. While premium mate and P- series had the night mode earlier. The Honor series and Nova series received the night mode feature with the latest update.

Night mode in the smartphones is not as good as the Google camera app but does provide ambient light photos keeping the original quality of the image still up.


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