HTC Teases Phone Announcement for 20th September #BeEdgier

HTC launch event on 20th of September is being teased by HTC

The HTC 10, despite being a well built flagship, could not make it to the top. The competition was dominated by the Samsung’s curve so HTC 10 had to take up some runner-up positions.
But if HTC’s latest teasers give us a fair clue that the company wants to get ahead of that curve edge. HTC uploaded on their website to announce a phone event dated for the 20th of September with a tag name BeEdgier.

The only hints these teaser video gives is that there where be a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the device. The design resembles a lot like the pixel phones as in the rendered images. They are also supposed to be developed by HTC. The Pixel phones are are expected to be revealed on the 4th of October and with rumor’s being Google wanting to take control over the hardware. This is really unlikely HTC will launch a phone without its own branding on the hardware.

So what could it be? We are still thinking and it will be too soon to make any assumptions. HTC’s tagline #BeEdgier has certainly caught attention but it still is vague and open to misinterpretation. So for now we keep our fingers crossed,

What do you think HTC is planning for 20th September. Let us know by commenting below!

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