How to use Spotify in India on iOS

While India is getting apps like Ganna and Saavan, the country is lagging behind in terms of content consumption. The biggest audio streaming platform in the world is Spotify and that is unavailable in the country. Any small or big international or local is sure to get their music posted on Spotify if not where else. That makes it a concern for Indian listeners.Spotify

Either you can wait for Spotify to legally launch in India which could be decades for use our guide.

Spotify on iOS in India

If you have an iOS device in the country and are willing to follow this guide step by step to make it run in India you will be able to use it in India for as long as you want to. Ps Android Guide Link Below!


  • iOS Device running iOS version above 9.0
  • Internet strong connection
  • Spare iCloud Account


1. Install Opera VPN install on your phone using App store.

Opeva VPN App Store

2. Switch iTunes and App Store account to one which has US access or any other country access which has Spotify.

3. Once that’s done, Download Spotify using the App Store.

Spotify App Store

4. You can shift back to your main Indian iTunes and App Store account.


5. Open Opera VPN app, go through the information screens and press ok for the VPN setup prompt.

6. Press the Turn On button as seen on the screen.

Opera VPN Disconnected


7. You should be connected to any of the available countries. We got connected to Netherlands.

Apps Required Spotify and VPN


8. Open Spotify app and press sign up for free or press login and then login with Facebook.

9. Once you are in, it should look something like this.



10. Now you can turn off the Opera VPN, but don’t uninstall it.

11. Use the power button at the top right corner to turn off VPN.

Opera VPN Connected


12. Voila! You can use it now.

Keep in mind you, it will stop working after 14 days due to their policy, you need to repeat steps 6 to 10 again when that happens.

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Are you enjoying your Spotify, Let us know in the comments down below!


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