How to download HQ Spotify music: AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Spotify, the largest audio streaming service in the world. With freemium subscription plans, where free subscriptions include advertisements and limited skips per hour. The Premium subscription of the app gets you unlimited skips and an ad-free experience.

Spotify provides DRM-protected content from record labels, while the other competitors like iTunes and Amazon Play music have dropped DRM protected content. The streaming service encourages people to pay for music, with subscriptions as its main revenue source. Spotify gives you arguably the best audio experience and biggest library.

Audfree spotify music converter

Spotify is one of the world’s biggest Music Streaming platform

Currently, Spotify has around 150 million subscribers which include 75 million premia/paid subscriber and rest free subscribers. While the Premium subscribers have the option to offline music, the free users have no such options to offline the music on or from the App.

If you want the Spotify playlist offline yet don’t want to pay $15 every month, Audfree provides a solution to the Free users to download their favorite tracks from the streaming service with its App offering.

AudFree, has brought a tool using which the Spotify audio tracks can be downloaded, Spotify Music Converter for Windows and Mac.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Windows

This tool is very simple to use, using this tool one can download the DRM-ed songs/playlists/albums from Spotify as MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC for offline listening on all devices and players. The AudFree Spotify music converter app is available in two versions, one is the trial and paid version.

Audfree spotify music converter

The trial version of the app lets you download any song of your choice but has a limit of 1Min on download of the app. Whereas the Paid version removes such obligations and lets you download the entire song available.

This apps lets you add the entire album and playlist at once. Upon which you can select and deselect which songs you want to download.

How to download DRM-free Songs using AudFree Spotify music converter

  1. Download the Converter
  2. Update Spotify to the latest version.
  3. Install the .exe file and connect the app with Spotify
  4. Simply copy or drag and drop the URL of the Song/Album/Playlist
  5. Paste the link in the address bar of the App
  6. Select or Deselect songs accordingly
  7. Songs will be converted and downloaded in the Folder selected on your deviceAudfree spotify music converter

How does it work?

AudFree Spotify converter for Windows helps you with the removal of DRM protection on Spotify, which in turn lets you convert the track in every possible format which is saved to your device. With a premium subscription to AudFree, you also get 30x faster download speeds.  The app records the audio while playing the song you selected on Spotify and recording it in high definition simultaneously.

Is it Worth its Price?

The premium version of the AudFree spotify music converter, which lets you download the entire songs, in HD quality is being sold at 29.95$. This app appears to be a good option for the countries where Spotify premium is not available. A person can just use the App and download the entire libraries at once. Offline it and listen whenever he feels and whatever with no limits on skipping.

Spotify premium costs at 10$ a month, Which entitles you to HD streaming and downloading the songs for offline usage. Audree Spotify converter for Windows holds a good bargain at price of 3Monthly subscription for a lifetime subscription of the App.  Sogs once downloaded won’t be required to re-downloaded and can be stored forever.

Currently, Audfree is having up to  60% discount on their website where they are offering different converters at different discounts. AudFree Spotify Music converter is available for a 20% discount and will cost you $15.95 for a lifetime subscription.

Disclaimer: We do not support or encourage Piracy of any kind

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