Google to bring out its high quality Daydream VR

Google at its
annual developer conference (Google I/O 2016) in Mountain View announced a new
VR platform dubbed ‘Daydream’, built for smartphones, headset &
controllers, and apps.

The Google Daydream platform has been built for high-quality VR
experience. For smartphones, the Daydream will work with Android N. For
headsets & controllers, Google has shared a basic reference design with
developers. The controller design by Google is simple with two clickable
buttons and a swipe-able touchpad. Company claims that the controller is both
“powerful and intuitive” and packs an orientation sensor that makes it work
like a “magic”.
problems in the existing VR experience, Clay Bavor, VP, Virtual Reality at
Google said that it needed a system that is capable of rendering images at a
very high frame rate and resolution, and also to be able to minimize the motion
to photon latency at the same time (which is basically the delay minimization
between your head movement and the picture movement).
Bavor said
that for now there will be VR optimized Daydream -ready smartphones that will
deliver the experience and the first Daydream-ready smartphone will be the
Google Nexus 6P. For now there are eight partners readying smartphones with
Daydream. These initial partners announced by Google include Samsung, HTC, LG,
Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel. Not just these, Google said that there
will be several other smartphones ready this fall when the Daydream becomes

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