Google Pixel 4A Render leaked by Google itself

The announcement of the all-new Google Pixel 4a has been a hot topic in the smartphone industry. There are multiple rumours about the phone on the internet but they were not authorized. Until the official store of Google in Canada has put up a brief Render list about the phone in their store. Initially, Pixel 4a was about to launch through an I/O developer conference but could not take place because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Google Pixel 4A

Therefore it has created confusion that the phone is launching or not. But the Render has given the hint that the company is not giving up on its 4a series. The company hasn’t yet given the launch date but is expected to launch when the current pandemic situation is under control.

What’s on the Render list for the Google Pixel 4a

1. Wrong listed by the store

The Google Canada Store has mistakenly put up the 4a serious Render along with the Nest Wi-Fi carousel banner. This wrong listing has set the perspective for the rumour mills. But they changed the banner with the whole big display of the design in front and a slight cutout of Wi-Fi at the top left corner of the screen.

2. Back and the Display

The phone is expected to come with a matte finished back which has a good grip. It a single rear camera with a flashlight inside the square-shaped module. There is also a rear fingerprint sensor at the back. As for the display is mentioned that the screen has 4 words as a half “A” which has shown the legitimacy of the Render. The previous launch date can also be seen on the display which is 12-May.

3. Launch of Pixel 5 and expected price

If Google had launched the phone on the initial date then they would have started planning to launch the Pixel 5 series in the market at their usual slot. Google usually launches its Pixel series in October in a hardware event. But the outbreak of COVID-19 outbreak has put up a full is top on every possible thing. The phone had also seen in the US FCC recently come without the Solid radar sensor chip in the phone.

Moreover, Google Pixel 4A is expected to cost around $299 for the 64GB model and $ 346 for a 128GB model.

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