Google Keep-The most useful app on my phone

Simple, easy and fast.

Google Keep is an app released by Google in 2013 for the purpose of note keeping. The app is pretty easy to use and definitely won me over. Keep is basically a notepad that connects to the Google drive. It also supports photo notes, voice notes and checklists. It is ideal for taking quick notes, especially for a student like me who keeps remembering stuff at random moments.

Travelling, sleeping, procrastinating but suddenly remember some work that you need to do? You could just make a note of it on Google keep and BINGO!! You can check the app and do it later. The number of assignments that Google Keep has reminded me to complete is too damn high. Also, the app has a feature to set reminders which can be snoozed or made repeated.


But the main feature that made me stick to this app is that it is connected to google drive. I can literally access anything that I have written on Keep a few seconds ago on my PC. And if I edit something on my PC then I can view the changes in my mobile as well.

Easy to work on both PC and Phone.

Different notes could be added with different backgrounds. Important notes can be pinned at the top. Its ability to make checklists makes it another great app. All those shopping items, to-do chores stored at one place. Sharing the notes is also pretty easy with Google Keep.

doodling notes

The layout of Google keep is also pretty interesting and helps in easy yet prominent viewing of the notes. There are two ways we can view the notes-horizontally or in column mode. Different notes can be stored in different labels which makes storing notes easier and more organised.

Google Keeep provides better organisation.

Even though in the beginning you could not create bullet points with Keep but now you can do so by just using the asterisk(*) or addition(+) symbol in the beginning. The following lines would automatically begin with the same.


Location based reminders, doodling notes and OCR functionality (grab text from images). Makes it one of my most used apps.

Even after using Evernote I shifted back to Keep since it is pretty easy and just requires your google account. It looks good and definitely does the work it was designed for. Even though there is going to be a fear about when the app itself may see the sunset, after Google shut down the Google Read app. But for now, it is a very useful app that acts as my saviour time and again.

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