FIFA 17 Demo is out on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Download now.

We have all been waiting for the new FIFA 17 very anxiously, and are absolutely bored with the old FIFA 16. All those trailers by the people at EA have been keeping us worked up till they launch the holy grail of Football gaming. But now we have the game at our disposal.

FIFA 17 The Journey

EA has launched FIFA 17 Demo for the Xbox One, Sony PS4 and the PC for now, on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, EA have launched the FIFA 17 Demo but it does not have “THE JOURNEY” new mode, but you can still be able to play Quick matches with all the top teams:

fifa 17 demo launch

So you have loads of teams to play with till the full game is released and also give us the feel of the game in all its glory. 

The Demo can be downloaded from the Microsoft website for the Xbox users.
The Demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for the PS Console owners.
The Demo can be downloaded from the Origin for the PC users.
For any more details about the game or to watch all the trailers of the game and to Pre-order the FIFA 17 visit the EA sports website.

Pre-order fifa 17 now!

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